Q: Different bets that I can place?

Single Bets

A bet that contains only one betting object (one game, event, fixture). “Combinations”, “Multiple Bets” or “Combos” are general terms used for bets that contain several objects or events (games, fixtures, markets, etc.). For these types of bets it is common that the odds of different events and outcomes are multiplied with each other and all events involved have to end up as winners in order for the given bet to be considered a winner.


A double bet is a bet that consists of two betting objects combined. The odds of both will be multiplied with each other so for example if you choose two matches at odds of 2.50, the total odds of your double bet will equal to (2.50*2.50) = 6.25.

Multiple bets

This type of bet works the same way as the ones mentioned before. The only difference is that the number of objects involved is unlimited. By this we mean that you can have a treble which contains 3 betting objects, a 4 fold which will contain 4 betting objects and so on…

System bets

System bets are bets that contain several objects within one bet, how many is free for you to decide. However in order to win it is not necessary for every single object to end up as a winner in order for it to be considered a winner.


Q: What is 0% Margin?

0% margin (also called 100% market or No Juice) is a market where the sportsbook holds no commission. In this way the betting odds for the customer are most competitive and the highest possible.


Q: What is the minimum stake?

The minimum stake is the lowest amount required to be wagered in order for your bet to be placed and counted. On KULbet it is €1 (ONE EURO) or the equivalent in another currency for Sportsbook.
The Casino minimum stake may vary, according to its game.


Q: Where can I see pending bets and my betting-history?

All pending and settled bets can be found in the “bet history” section. Open the Sportsbook section and click on "HISTORY" on the betslip.


Q: Why has my bet been cancelled?

There can be several different reasons for cancellation of your bets.If you have placed a bet on a so-called money line or Asian handicap, for instance, to score the 3rd goal in a soccer match where there is no option for any more goals, ultimately there is no third goal; your bet will be cancelled. Your money for that given bet will be refunded to your account as soon as the match is finished. If you place a bet on an event that has already been decided, your bet will be cancelled. If there has been an obvious misprint/mistake with the odds or with the bet in general, your bet will be cancelled. 


Q: What is Live betting?

Once you log into your account and click on the “live betting” tab you will be taken to a section of the site where live betting math bets can be placed. This means that every bet that you place is made in real time and on any given fixture as the match in question is actually being played. The overall process is the same to pre-match betting but please be aware of the 5-10 second delay which is there because these games are running live as you are betting and there needs to be a safeguard for the product in order to prevent transmission delays and sudden impacts happening during any given live match.

Q: Why can I not view the Livestreaming?

Due to legal rights in force for each given region we are not permitted to show livesteam for certain events in given countries.


Promotions / Bonuses

General Information: Until the requirements of any active Casino bonus have been met, the maximum bet that can be placed in any Casino game is €7.50 or currency equivalent. This includes double up wagers after the game round is completed (such as wagering winnings from X game round on red/black). If the placed bet is more than €7.50, the system only accepts €7.50. The excess amount shall be forfeited without notice.

Q: Is there a first deposit bonus?

There is a first deposit bonus dedicated to both the casino and the sportsbook products. You can easily find it by going to the “promotions” tab.

Q: Where can I see my bonuses?

Bonus information can be found by going to “My bonuses” under “My account” when you are logged in. Here you can see all your available bonuses and this is the place where you activate your bonuses. Here you can also follow your active bonuses and see ended bonuses. Some bonuses are restricted to only one product (Sport, Casino, Poker etc) while other bonuses are combined which means that you can play for the bonus on different products. What kind of bonus it is and in what products you can use it, is stated on the specific bonus.


Q: Where do I find active promotions?

You can always go to the “promotions” tab from anywhere on the site to see all promotions and bonuses you are currently eligible for.


Q: Why is a part of my funds locked?

When you initiate a certain type of bonus such as the deposit bonus your initial amount deposited will be locked for the purpose of you meeting the turnover conditions to receive and be able to cash out your sign up deposit bonus amount. This money will be locked to a specific product of your choice (casino, sportsbook, etc.). This reserved money amount and the bonus is to be used only on specific dedicated products until the wagering conditions have been met and you can cash out all of your balance (this can vary from offer to offer). Please keep in mind that when sportsbook bonuses are considered it is only bets with specified odds 1.8 or higher (if so stated in terms and conditions) that are counted towards the wagering condition. Each given promotion will have its own dedicated terms & conditions that you will be able to access easily.


Q: How do I request a withdrawal?

You may request a withdrawal at any time, unless you have an active Bonus. Withdrawals can only be processed via the method that has been used for deposits. To view our withdrawal limits please check our terms and conditions term 2.40. Please note that a deposit needs to be wagered 1x (ONE TIME) before it can be withdrawn again. If you fail to wager your deposit 1x, the withdrawal request will be cancelled. 

The minimum amount for a Bank Withdrawal is €100. For any other method, the minimum limit is €20. 

We try our best to process withdrawals within 24hours - latest 72hours. For Bank- and Credit Card withdrawals it can take 2-5 working days, before the funds will be credited to your account. 


Q: Do I need to verifiy my account?

Yes, before we can process any withdrawal, you need to verifiy your account. If a verification is needed, you will receive an Email from our Finance Team. You need to upload your documents directly into your
account in your "My Account" section under "KYC". We do not accept documents send via Email. Due to security reasons we will delete any documents send via Email. 

If you need further information as to what documents you need to upload, please contact our Support Team.