Terms & Conditions


  1. Introduction
  2. Account Rules
  3. Obligations as a player / Mandatory requirements
  4. Responsible gaming
  5. KULbet Sportsbook
  6. KULbet Casino and Games
  7. Privacy Policy
  8. Complaints and queries
  9. Miscarried and aborted games
  10. Limitation of liability
  11. Anti-money laundering reporting
  12. Breaches, penalties and termination
  13. Intellectual property
  14. Severability
  15. Assignment
  16. Entire Agreement and Admissibility
  17. Applicable Law and jurisdiction

1. Introduction

1.1.  The following clauses constitute the Terms and Conditions for the usage of the Website http://www.KULbet.com through any related enabling internet, mobile and or other platforms, to be observed and followed by all users of the Website.

1.2.  In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires:

  • Account” means the KULbet account created upon Registration by the User and used to participate in the Games;
  • Available Balance” means the amount of funds available in the Account, to be used by the User for Games;
  • Balance Available for Withdrawal” means the Available Balance, that is available for withdrawal in part or in whole by the User;
  • KULbet” means the entity responsible for the website KULbet.com. KULbet is owned and operated by the OneWorld Operations N.V. (# 131458 @Dr. M.J. Hugenholtzweg Z / N UTS Gebouq. Curacao) on basis of the gaming license  #1668/JAZ, issued by the Curaçao eGaming N.V., and regulated by the goverment of Curaçao. Payments are processed by Payific Ltd (#C63971 @ 114 The Strand, Gzira, Malta).
  • KULbet Casino” means the casino Games provided by KULbet on the Website subject to the terms and conditions set out in Section 6;
  • KULbet Sportsbook” means the sportsbook Games provided by KULbet on the Website subject to the terms and conditions set out in Section 5 and operated by the OneWorld Operations N.V. on basis of the gaming license #1668/JAZ, issued by the Curaçao eGaming N.V., and regulated by the government of Curaçao.
  • Games” means the KULbet Casino, KULbet Sportsbook, and other games as may from time to time become available on the KULbet Website;
  • Login Details” means the username and password of the User necessary for the User to gain access to his Account and to the Games provided by KULbet on the Website; For further details on the collection and processing of these data please see the privacy policy
  • Lotteries and Gaming Authority” means the public regulatory body that is responsible for the regulation, monitoring and governance of all forms of gaming offered by companies seated in Curacao;
  • Registration” means the completion of the process by the User of the registration with KULbet in accordance with clause 2.2;
  • User” means yourself or any person who after reading these Terms and Conditions, agrees, registers or makes use of the website in any way. Registration will be deemed to be making use of the Website; and
  • Website” means the URL http://www.KULbet.com and other related URLs which are operated by KULbet. 

1.3.  These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement between KULbet and the User as soon as the User clicks on the “ACCEPT” button. By doing so, the User signifies that he has read and accepted these Terms and Conditions in their entirety before completing the registration procedure.

1.4.  Unless the User reads carefully and accepts these Terms and Conditions in their entirety he/she should not register or continue to register and participate in the games offered on the Website.

1.5.  By ticking the box that these Terms and Conditions are accepted and with the completion of the registration process by clicking on the “register”-button, the User accepts that he fully understands and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as may be amended by KULbet from time to time in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

1.6.  If KULbet makes significant changes to these Terms and Conditions, then KULbet shall take appropriate action to notify the User of such changes. Such action may include the placing of a notice of such change on a prominent position on the Website, e-mail notification, etc.

1.7.  It is the sole responsibility of the User to ensure that he is aware of the amendments. Continued use of the Website following any changes to the Terms and Conditions on which users have been informed will be deemed as an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as per their amendment.

1.8.  KULbet reserves the right to add, remove and/or amend Games and their respective rules from the Website at its own discretion.

1.9.  Rules and explanations for participating in any of the Games, maintaining the Account with KULbet and other important information is provided in separate links on the Website and are incorporated into these Terms and Conditions by reference.

1.10.  These Terms and Conditions are published in a number of supported languages only for information purposes and ease of access by players. KULbet and the User agree that in the case of any dispute between the English language version of the Terms and Conditions and versions in any other language, the English language version shall prevail.

The Website is jointly operated by PAYIFIC LTD and the company holding the gambling license.
Payific Ltd. Room 1, Level 2, Palazzo Ca Brugnera, Valley Road, Birkirkara BKR 9024, Malta


2. Account Rules

2.1.  KULbet receives deposits of the players to their player accounts, holds and manages the players’ funds, and/or expedites withdrawals to players. KULbet also manages the Account and calculates available funds, pending funds, betting funds as well as the amount of the winnings. These amounts are considered as final and may not be subject to any dispute. Provided that KULbet reserves the right to appoint Payment Solution Providers to act, collect, forward and/or pay-out funds and/or process payments on behalf of KULbet.

2.2.  The User is required to personally open an account and deposit money thereon in order to participate in any of Games for real money. A request to open an Account is made by filling out the registration form and submitting it to KULbet for confirmation online. KULbet reserves the right to refuse to register a User or to open an Account for the User at its sole discretion.

2.3.  The User must enter all mandatory information requested into the registration form,  all of which must be true and correct. Details on the processing of your personal data may be found in the privacy declaration.

2.4.  It is the sole responsibility of the User to ensure that the registration details he provides are true, complete and correct and the User hereby warrants to KULbet that the information provided is true, complete and correct. It is the responsibility of the User to keep the information up to date and in the case of any change the User shall contact KULbet immediately and inform their personnel of the change.

2.5.  KULbet reserves the right to carry out verification procedures for any account, whether itself or through third parties (data processors, for further details please read the privacy declaration, and an Account may be blocked or closed if found/suspected to contain false or misleading information. KULbet reserves the right to request the User to produce official documents to prove his/her identity. KULbet also reserves the right to request for address verification by asking for copies of utility bills, banks statements or any other document KULbet deems fit. KULbet reserves the right to phone verify users. All phone verifications will be recorded. In the event that the User refuses or does not produce any such documents which are compliant with the request in accordance with this clause, KULbet will be entitled to block the Account. For further details on the processing of the personal data contained in the verification documents please see the privacy declaration.

2.6.  As part of the registration process the User will have to choose his Login Details for login into the Website. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User to ensure that the Login Details are protected and kept securely. The User must not disclose his Login Details to anyone.

2.7.  KULbet is not responsible for any abuse or misuse of an Account by third parties due to the disclosure by the User, whether intentional, negligent or accidental, whether active or passive, of the User’s login details to any third party.

2.8.  It is the sole responsibility of the User to inform KULbet that Third Parties are aware of his/her Login Details, and it is his/her responsibility to make appropriate changes to such Login Details.

2.9.  Protection of Login Details is the sole responsibility of the User. Any actions carried out using the Login Details of the User will be considered as being carried out by the User and any liability arising from such use shall be strictly the liability of the User. The Account is individual and the User is entirely responsible vis-à-vis KULbet for account obligations and is also entitled to all profits and benefits of it.

2.10.  Each person including the User shall have only one Account at any time in his name or anyway referable to the same individual. If the User attempts and/or successfully opens more than one Account, all User Accounts may be blocked or closed by KULbet.

2.11.  Only one Account for each household is allowed. If two or more users share the same household, KULbet must be informed, by the Users residing in the aforementioned household. If such action is found by KULbet without proper notification all accounts for that registered address will be blocked/closed.

2.12.  Transfer or sale of funds from one User to another or from one Account to another is prohibited.

2.13.  KULbet reserves the right to close down existing accounts without explanation, if there is a sound reason for this. In this event, or in the event of an account closure by the User, the full balance will be paid out to the registered account holder unless any fraudulent behaviour is suspected. KULbet also reserves the right to report to the appropriate authorities, if any User is involved in any form of suspected fraudulent or criminal behaviour.

2.14.  Deposits in the Account may be made in EUR or in any other currency as may be specified by KULbet. It is the choice of the User, upon registration, to choose the currency of his Account. Payments received in a different currency from that chosen by the User will be converted into the currency of the Account by KULbet at the prevailing exchange rate. The User accepts that any exchange fees as a result of such conversion will be incurred by the User. 

2.15.  The currency of the Account may not be changed by the User. The User accepts that currency exchange fees may apply to deposits with certain payment methods and that such additional fees for a conversion will be covered  by the User.

2.16.  Deposits and the Available Balance in the Account will not bear interests.

2.17.  In order to place bets or participate in Games offered by the Website, the User has to have an Available Balance in his Account. Should the Available Balance be less than the minimum required amount to place the bet, the bet placed will be invalid.

2.18.  KULbet does not grant any credit whatsoever for the use of its Website or for the participation in any of the Games.

2.19.  KULbet offers various methods of deposits. All information required to deposit funds into the Account, can be found under “My Account” and “Deposit” pages of the Website, as may be amended from time to time in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Provided that the method is available in the country of residence, the User may use any of the methods available as specified in these pages as may be amended from time to time. For information on the processing of your payment data please read the privacy declaration

2.20.  Deposits may incur charges by third party banks or financial institutions depending on the deposit method selected by the User in accordance with clause 2.19. Current fees regarding depositing of funds, may be obtained from the pages “My Account” and “Deposits” on the Website. The User understands that the said banks or financial institutions may independently charge the User for such deposits.

2.21.  When using a credit or debit card for depositing funds, KULbet will only accept such deposits when KULbet has received an approval and authorisation code from the bank or financial institution providing such financial instruments. Should KULbet not receive such approval and authorization code the Account will not be credited with those funds.

2.22.  KULbet reserves the right to use additional procedures and measures to verify the User’s identity when the latter considers deposits into the Account.

2.23.  The User may withdraw funds from his Account by issuing KULbet with a valid notice of withdrawal made via the Website. Any other method for withdrawing funds, including Withdrawal demands made via telephone or electronic mail, shall not be accepted by KULbet.

2.24.  The amount of funds that may be withdrawn may not exceed the Balance Available for Withdrawal in the Account.

2.25.  Whenever possible KULbet will execute withdrawals using the same method and account chosen by the User to make deposits. The withdrawal method used will remain at the discretion of KULbet. . Withdrawals may incur charges by third party banks or financial institutions depending on the deposit and withdrawal method selected by the User. Current fees regarding withdrawal of funds, may be obtained from the pages “My Account” and “Deposits” on the Website. The User understands that the said banks or financial institutions may independently charge the User for such charges.

2.26.  Prior to executing a withdrawal, KULbet may request the user to provide legal identification documents including certified copies of passports, national identity cards or any other form of identification KULbet shall deem necessary at its own discretion. In the event that the User has deposited funds using a credit cards or in the event that the withdrawal shall be to a credit card, KULbet may request for copies of the front and back of the said credit card. KULbet strongly encourages that in such cases the User ensures that only the first six (6) Digits and the last four (4) Digits of the card are visible for the User’s own protection. CVV/CVV2 number at the back of the card, should also not be visible.

2.27.  The User agrees that funds deposited in his Account must be used as stakes for a game participation. A deposit must be wagered at least 1x time before a withdrawal will be approved by KULbet. KULbet reserves the right to charge a fee of 7,50,- EUR should you request a withdrawal without an Account turnover that is equal or more that the amount of funds deposited.

2.28.  When the outcome of a Game the User participates in becomes determined or, where applicable, KULbet has confirmed the relevant result of an event and settled the markets, any winnings by the User will be credited to his Account.

2.29.  If the Account is mistakenly credited with credit, winnings or other funds that you are not entitled to, whether due to a technical or human error or otherwise, the amount will remain property of KULbet and will be deducted from Your Member Account. If prior to KULbet becoming aware of the error, you have withdrawn funds that you are not entitled to, without prejudice to other actions that may be available at law, the mistakenly paid amount will constitute a debt owed by You to KULbet. In the event of an incorrect crediting, You are obliged to notify KULbet of such an event immediately by email.

2.30.  The User is not allowed to place any bets on Games using such mistakenly credited amounts, winnings or funds and any such bets shall be voided.

2.31.  Additional verification procedures will be carried out within a reasonable timeframe for any payout exceeding the equivalent of two thousand Euros (EUR2,000). KULbet may also carry out such verification procedures in case of lower payouts. For the avoidance of doubt, KULbet may delay the crediting of any such payment to the user Account until such verification procedures are carried out and all the confirmations regarding the user’s identity have been met.

2.32.  The User may close the Account at any time. KULbet will return to the User any and all Available Balance in the Account, subject to the deduction of relevant withdrawal charges.

2.33.  If we find a user to systematically use any parts of the systems in a way for which it is not intended to be used in order to gain money the account will be immediately adjusted to remove money gained from such activity and the account may be permanently closed.

2.34.  The method of repayment will be at KULbet’s absolute discretion.

2.35.  KULbet reserves the right to close an Account and to refund the User the Available Balance, subject to the deduction of relevant withdrawal charges, at KULbet’s absolute discretion and without any obligation to state a reason or give prior notice.

2.36. An Account may be closed if remains inactive for a period of six (6) months. All balances may be removed from the Account after a notification has been sent to the registered e-mail address of the User.

2.37.  KULbet reserves the right to withhold and remove any bonuses awarded to the User if such bonuses have not been used within two (2) months from the date when these were awarded. This is not relating to specific bonuses and promotions that any user can be eligible for which carry their own respective terms & conditions.

2.38.  Bonuses/Freespins at KULbet can only be received ONCE per person/account, family, household, address, e-mail address, credit card number, IP addresses and environments where computers are shared (university, fraternity, school, public library, workplace, etc.). KULbet.com reserves the right to close your account and confiscate any existing funds if evidence of abuse/fraud is found.

2.39.  The maximum amount that can be withdrawn from winnings generated through bonuses including Casino Freespins, Casino cash drops, Sportsbook free bets, Sportsbook cash drops and Sportsbook cash backs is 500 EUR per bonus or 2500 EUR for our VIP players. Any winnings from the bonus in excess of this amount shall be forfeit upon withdrawal. Each bonus given would be considered a separate bonus. This clause does not apply when winnings are part of a Jackpot Win or winnings are part of a Deposit Bonus offer such as the Welcome Deposit Bonus or any Reload Bonuses offered by KULbet. 

2.40.  KULbet reserves the right to limit player withdraws to a maximum amount of €1000 EUR per day and €5,000 EUR per month, unless a larger amount has been agreed by prior arrangement. The Minimum amount of Withdrawal You may make depends on the method used and can be found in Cashier. The minimum amount for any bank withdrawal is €100 EUR.

2.41.  The users agrees to submit identification as well as any other documentation requested by KULbet within 24 Hours of requesting a withdrawal. After the period, any pending withdrawals from the user will be cancelled and refunded to the player’s account. The player will be able to make a new withdrawal at his or her convenience.

2.42.  Until the requirements of any active Casino bonus have been met, the maximum bet that can be placed in any Casino game is €7.50 or 10% of the last deposited amount, whichever is smallest. This includes double up wagers after the game round is completed (such as wagering winnings from X game round on red/black). Placing a bet higher than the amount results in forfeiting the bonus itself as well as any winnings (cash and bonus) from the time the bonus was activated. The Casino includes slots, table games, games, scratch cards and live casino.

2.43.  A player who wagers high value hands with the sole purpose of rapidly increasing bonus bankroll, then proceeds to drastically decrease their bet values (less than half) without having reasonably decreased his/her bankroll, will be considered to employing unnatural betting patterns for the purpose of gaining advantage. Such cases may require the Casino to immediately disqualify the bonus and any winnings therefrom derived. Each case will be investigated and acted upon accordingly. This type of game-play is thus strongly discouraged.

2.44.  Any player found to be employing a strategy by which the player places high value bets while playing on any game with specific bonus weight decreased to or less than 30% (any table game, card game, video poker etc.) and then proceeds to place bets of a value less than their current average bet while changing game type to higher weighted games (slots, scratch cards etc.); such player will be immediately disqualified from the bonus and face enforcement where the player’s account may be closed. In such regard no discussions will be entered into.

2.45. KULbet reserves the right to close any accounts and void any bets, bonus and winnings if the account was created or used through the use of IP or geolocation masking technologies (including but not limited to VPN, Proxy Servers etc).

2.46. KULbet reserves the right to close any account and cancel any Bonuses and winnings made, if user is found to be suspicious. This may occur after KULbet has done a phone verification and the user was not able to fully verify his identity and his bets. KULbet may refund the deposits made by the user; this decision is made by the Management. 

3. Obligations as a player / Mandatory requirements

3.1.  The User hereby declares and warrants that:

  • He/she is over eighteen (18) years of age or such higher minimum legal age of majority as stipulated in the laws of jurisdiction applicable to the User and that, under the laws applicable to the User, he is allowed to participate in the Games offered on the Website;
  • He/she intends to participate in Games and that this Game participation happens strictly in his/her personal non-professional capacity for recreational and entertainment reasons only;
  • He/she intends to participate and participates in the Games on his own behalf and not in the interest of any other person;
  • He/she does not reside in Ascension Island, Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda , Anguilla , Albania , Armenia , Netherlands Antilles , Angola , Antarctica , American Samoa , Aruba , Aland Islands , Azerbaijan , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Barbados , Bangladesh , Belgium , Burkina Faso , Bulgaria , Bahrain , Burundi , Benin , Saint Barthélemy , Bermuda , Brunei Darussalam , Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba , Bhutan , Bouvet Island , Botswana , Belarus , Cocos (Keeling) Islands , Congo (the Democratic Republic ), Central African Republic , Congo, Cote d'Ivoire , Cook Islands, China , Cuba , Cape Verde , Curaçao , Christmas Island , Cyprus , Djibouti , Denmark , Estonia , Spain , Ethiopia , Faroe Island , France , United Kingdom , Georgia , French Guiana, Guernsey , Gibraltar , Guadeloupe , Equatorial Guinea , Greece , South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands , Guam , Guinea-Bissau , Guyana , Heard Island and McDonald Islands , Haiti , Hungary, Indonesia , Ireland , Israel, Isle of Man , India , British Indian Ocean Territory , Iraq , Iran , Italy , Jersey , Kiribati , Comoros , Saint Kitts and Nevis , Korea , Kazakhstan , Liberia , Lithuania , Latvia , Libya , Moldova , Saint Martin , Martinique , Malta , Malaysia , Mozambique , Netherland,  New Caledonia , Norfolk Island , Nigeria , Niue , French Polynesia , Philippines , Pakistan , Poland , Portugal, Saint Pierre and Miquelon , Palestinian Territory , Reunion , Romania , Serbia , Russian Federation , Rwanda , Solomon Islands , Sudan , Slovenia , Slovakia , Sierra Leone , San Marino , Senegal , Somalia , Suriname , South Sudan , Sao Tome and Principe , Syrian Arab Republic , Turks and Caicos Islands , French Southern Territories , Togo , Thailand , Tajikistan , Tokelau , Timor-Leste , Turkey , Taiwan Province of China , Tanzania , Ukraine , United States Minor Outlying Islands , United States of America , Uzbekistan , Holy See (Vatican City State) , Virgin Islands, British , Virgin Islands, U.S. , Yemen . Persons residing in the aforementioned places are not allowed to open an Account or in any way use the gaming services offered by KULbet;
  • The funds deposited in the Account are not tainted with any illegality and, in particular, do not originate from any illegal activity or source.
  • Internet Gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, you are not authorized to use your payment card to complete any transactions on KULbet.

3.2.  All information provided to KULbet by the User during the term of validity of this agreement is true, complete, and correct, and that the User shall immediately notify KULbet of any change of such information.

3.3.  The User is solely responsible for reporting, accounting and paying any taxes applicable under his/hers relevant laws for any winnings that the User receives from KULbet. 

3.4.  The User understands that by participating in the Games he/she runs the risk of losing the money deposited into the Account in whole or in part.

3.5.  The User shall not be involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to the User’s or third parties’ participation in any of the Games and shall not use any software-assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices in aid of his participation in any of the Games. KULbet hereby reserves the right to invalidate or close the Account or invalidate the User’s participation in a Game in the event of such behavior.

3.6.  The User shall only use credit and debit cards and other financial instruments that are valid and that lawfully belong to the User.

3.7.  The computer software that KULbet makes available to the User is owned by KULbet or other Third Parties and is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. The User may only use the software for his own personal, recreational uses in accordance with all rules, Terms and Conditions hereby established and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

3.8.  The User shall use courteous manners while communicating and avoid rude and or obscene comments and language.

3.9.  It is the User’s sole responsibility to print these Terms and Conditions and all transactions effected in relation to the use of the Website and to keep them in an easily accessible and safe place.

3.10.  It is the User sole responsibility to know whether online gambling is legal in his/her country of residence.


4. Responsible gaming

4.1.  Any person or the User may at their own discretion choose to exclude themselves from playing any Games on the Website at any time they desire. This should be done by sending an email to KULbet on support-en@KULbet.com, indicating such a request.

You may also choose to impose a time limit per session by contacting Customer support by sending an e-mail. Once you have received confirmation of this from KULbet customer service your time limit will be imposed.


5. KULbet Sportsbook 

5.1. Only validly as per Section 2 of these Terms and Conditions registered Users may place a bet.

5.2. A bet can only be placed via the Website over the Internet.

5.3. The User is fully responsible for the bet or bets choices placed. KULbet will not question the User about the relevance of bet or bets they wish to place and will not be held responsible for possible mistakes that could have been made during the placing of such bets, including mistakes regarding placed amounts.

5.4. The User can only place a bet if he has sufficient Available Balance in his Account to cover the bet.

5.5. The bet, once concluded, will be governed by the version of Terms and Conditions valid at the time of the bet being accepted.

5.6.  A bet is deemed to have been placed as soon as confirmation of the acceptance of the betting offer is received from KULbet. Where several bets are placed by the User, these will be processed in the order in which they are received.

5.7.  The User ensures that at the time he/she placed a bet or bets he had no knowledge as to the outcome of the respective events. Bets on events in which the User is directly or indirectly involved or has direct or indirect access to insider information are not allowed. Where there is a suspicion of a violation of this rule, KULbet retains the right to void the bet and to refuse to pay out the winnings. This right shall be without prejudice to any other rights or action that KULbet may take to protect its legitimate interests and to comply with other laws and regulations.

5.8.  KULbet retains the right to decline to accept bets without providing any reason.

5.9.  The minimum stake per bet is €1 or equivalent in any other currencies accepted.

5.10.  The list of all the bets, their status and details is available to the User on the Website by accesing their “betting history” section.

5.11.  KULbet retains the right to declare as invalid, all bets on an event or events if these are generated from a group of users who appear in the sole opinion of KULbet to have had knowledge of the outcome of such event or events and acted together to take advantage of such knowledge including syndicated betting.

5.12.  When a bet is declared invalid, it will be calculated at odds of 1.00. The User will be paid back the amount placed on the bet. In the case of combination bets, the invalid result will not be included in the calculation of the (total) odds, provided that the User did not breach any betting rules found in these Terms and Conditions, or any other found in these Terms and Conditions. 

5.13.  Apart from live betting, any bet concluded after the start of the event becomes invalid and the bet will be calculated at an odds of 1.00.

5.14.  Should KULbet decide to close an Account, bets which have already been placed and accepted will not be voided and the User will be paid out any winnings.

5.15.  No amendments, withdrawals or cancellation of bets is accepted by the User if it has been placed by the User and been accepted by KULbet.

5.16.  Only mistakes regarding the event on which the bet has been placed will automatically void the bet. Other mistaken details of a bet or bets will not influence the validity of such.

5.17.  Upon the placing of a bet or bets, the User acknowledges that he has read, understood and accepted in full all of the Terms and Conditions and the relative game Rules and Terms regarding the bet or bets offered by KULbet as stated on the Website.

5.18.  Winnings on bets with fixed odds are calculated by the multiplication of the amount placed by the predetermined odds.

5.19.  Winnings will be paid into the Account after the final result is confirmed. Any later amendment to the result, e.g. due to disciplinary procedures (doping) or intervention by ruling bodies have no influence on the result. However, KULbet reserves the right to set aside any winnings should there investigations be undertaken into an event as a result of a suspicion of criminal activities that may have affected the result of the event. If the irregularity is confirmed then KULbet retains the right to void any related bets.

5.20.  A bet is declared void if an event is cancelled or abandoned and no final result is declared within 24 hours.

5.21.  The following limits apply on winnings per user:

  • €10,000 per bet (€20,000 per multiple)
  • €100,000 per week
  • or equivalent in any other currency.

5.22.  KULbet retains the right to reduce the amount placed by a user if the limits mentioned in 5.21 will be surpassed should the user prove successful with his bet. The difference between the original amount placed by the user and the amount revised by KULbet will be paid back into his account.

5.23.  Should KULbet become aware that the same person has placed a number of bets from different Accounts, even if granted permission by the owner of the other Accounts, then the above limits will be applied across all accounts. KULbet retains the rights to cancel such bets. KULbet retains the right to lock the irregularly used or opened Accounts and to cancel all bets placed from these Accounts. KULbet retains the right to refund the stakes of the bet or bets, but not the winnings to the legitimate User of the Account, unless KULbet suspects any foul play by the User of the Account irregularly used or opened.

5.24.  The User may apply for higher bet limits by entering into a written agreement between KULbet and himself.

5.25.  If bets, which exceed the stated limits, are accepted, the excess amount will be disregarded and the bet amount placed will be revised accordingly and the difference in the amount of the bets placed will be paid back to the User.

5.26.  KULbet retains the right to reduce the limits on any event at any time.

5.27.  The User may on his own initiative lower the limits on the amounts he permits himself to bet on a weekly basis. Such lower limit as chosen by the User can only be amended after the User contacts KULbet and gets confirmation from KULbet that those limits requested have been set in place for their account.

5.28.  Users may also lock their accounts should they no longer wish to bet. The same procedure for the Closing of Account as mentioned in Section 2 will apply.


6. KULbet Casino and Games

6.1.  KULbet does not accept and acknowledge any liabilities whatsoever for transactions conducted to, from and/or with the specific game supplier or related companies, except for funds being received, held and/or paid to and/or from a KULbet Account in conjunction with arrangement with the game supplier.


7. Privacy Policy 

Information on the collection, processing and use of your personal data you may find in our privacy declaration 

8. Complaints and queries

8.1.  The User may complain by emailing, Customer support on support-en@KULbet.com.

8.2.  KULbet will do its best to resolve any reporter matters/issues as promptly as possible.

8.3.  Queries with regard to any transactions, may also be made by sending an email to KULbet at support-en@KULbet.com with details of the query. KULbet will review any disputed or questioned transactions. KULbet’s judgment is final.


9. Miscarried and aborted games 

9.1. KULbet is not liable for any downtime, server disruptions, lagging, or any technical or political disturbance to the game play. Refunds may be given solely at the discretion of the management.

9.2. KULbet will not accept any liability for any damages or losses which are deemed or alleged to have risen out of or in connection with the website or its content; including without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or corruption of data, communication or line failure, any person’s misuse of the site or its content or any errors or omissions in the content.

9.3. In the event that a casino system malfunction occurs all wagers are void. 

9.4. In the event a game is started but miscarries because of system failure, KULbet shall refund the amount wagered in the game to you by crediting it to Your Member Account or, if the account no longer exists, by paying it to You in a manner that suits both parties; and if You have an accrued credit at the time the game miscarried, credit to Your Member Account the monetary value of the credit or, if the account no longer exists, pay it to You in a manner that suits both parties.

9.5. In the event a player whose participation in a game is, after he or she has made a wager, interrupted by a failure of the telecommunications system or a failure of the player’s computer system that prevents the player from continuing the game, the game shall conclude on its own and upon restoration of the system the player may view the outcome of the game in the account pages and if the player wins, the amount won will be credited immediately to his User Account.

9.6 “Live betting is where it is possible to bet during an ongoing match or event. KULbet does not acknowledge or accept any liability whatsoever if it is not possible to place a bet or the live score update is not correct. At all times it is the player’s responsibility to be aware of the match and its surrounding events such as the current score, its progression and how much time remains before the match is completed. KULbet does not accept any liability for changes to the Live betting schedule or interruption of the Live betting service.”

9.7 KULbet makes every effort to ensure the information displayed in the events «Running» are always right, but they can only be regarded as indicative. Where specific information (Exact Score, time, corners, cards etc.) are not correct KULbet assumes no responsibility for it. Please go to the betting rules for information related to how to settle individual markets. It is important that players be aware that in transmissions described as "Live", by broadcasting companies, there may be some delay in receiving the data. The length of the delay varies depending on the installation through which players receive data or depending on player’s connection


10. Limitation of liability

10.1.  The User uses the services and participates in the Games provided by the Website at his own risk. The Website and the Games are provided without any warranty whatsoever, whether expressed or implied.

10.2.  In any event, KULbet shall not be liable for any amount exceeding the funds deposited by the User and shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses including loss of profits or winnings.

10.3.  Without prejudice to the generality of the preceding provisions, KULbet, its directors, employees, partners, service providers:

  • do not warrant that the software or the Website is/are fit for their purpose;
  • do not warrant that the software and Website are free from errors;
  • do not warrant that the Website and/or Games will be accessible without interruptions;
  • shall not be liable for any loss, costs, expenses or damages, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or otherwise, arising in relation to the User’s use of the Website or participation in the Games.

10.4.  The User hereby agrees to fully exclude and hold harmless KULbet, its directors, employees, partners, and service providers from any cost, expense, loss, damages, claims and liabilities caused that may arise in relation to the User’s use of the Website or participation in the Games.

10.5.  KULbet reserves the right to use the payment company, Payific LTD, to process certain types of transaction. Payific LTD is a registered company in Malta with registration number C63971 and located at 114, The Strand, Gzira GZR1027, Malta and is operating on behalf of it’s parent company, the OneWorld Operations N.V.  


11. Anti-money laundering reporting

11.1.  KULbet shall report any suspicious transaction to the relevant competent authorities in Curacao.

11.2.  If the User becomes aware of any suspicious activity relating to any of the Games of the Website, the User must report this to KULbet immediately.

11.3.  KULbet may suspend, block or close an Account and withhold funds if requested to do so in accordance with the Laws of Curacao.


12. Breaches, penalties and termination

12.1.  If the User breaches any provision of these Terms and Conditions or, KULbet has a reasonable ground to suspect that the User has breached them, KULbet reserves the right not to open, to suspend or to close the Account, withhold payment of winnings and apply such debit on the Account to the amount of any damages due by the User to KULbet. 

12.2.  If KULbet suspects that the User is engaged in illegal or fraudulent activities when using the Website; or in breach of these Terms and Conditions; or that the User is having problems with creditors or anything else which may be otherwise detrimental to its business, KULbet may freeze or terminate the User’s account or cancel any stakes at its full discretion.

12.3.  The User is hereby acknowledging that KULbet shall be the final decision-maker of whether the User has violated KULbet’s rules and Terms and Conditions. This may result in suspension or permanent exclusion of the User from participating and using any of the services offered by the Website and KULbet.


13. Intellectual property

13.1. KULbet is the sole owner of the trademark KULbet and the KULbet logo. Any unauthorised use of the KULbet trademark and the KULbet logo may result in prosecution.

13.2. www.KULbet.com is the main source of locating of KULbet and no unauthorised use may be made of this URL on another website or digital platform without our prior written consent.

13.3. Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, KULbet is the owner or the rightful licensee of the rights to the technology, software and business systems used within this Website. 

13.4. The contents and structure of KULbet’s Website pages are subject to copyright and database rights in the name of KULbet’s. All rights are reserved. The copyright in this Website including all text, graphics, code, files and links belongs to KULbet and the site may not be reproduced, transmitted or stored in whole or in part without our written consent. Your registration and use of our system does therefore not grant any rights whatsoever to the intellectual property contained in our system.

13.5. Links to the Website and any of the pages may not be included in any other website without the prior written consent of KULbet. 

13.6. You fully agree not to use any automatic or manual device to monitor KULbet web pages or any content therein. Any unauthorised use or duplication may be prosecuted.


14. Severability

14.1. If any clause of these Terms and Conditions is held to be illegal or unenforceable, such clause shall be severed from these Terms and Conditions and all other provisions shall remain in force unaffected by such severance.


15. Assignment

15.1. KULbet reserves the right to assign or otherwise lawfully transfer this Agreement. The User has no right to assign or otherwise transfer this Agreement.


16. Entire Agreement and Admissibility

16.1. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the User and KULbet with respect to this Website and save in the case of fraud it supersedes all prior communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written, between the User and KULbet with respect to this Website.

16.2. A printed version of this agreement and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to this agreement to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.


17. Applicable Law and jurisdiction 

17.1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Laws of Curacao.